5 Reasons Why Men’s Military Jackets Are A Must This Season

Military jackets are a customary requirement for the ones in service. It is typically is a symbol of organized military forces provided by the central authority across the globe. But now, these jackets are in high demand as a popular choice for menswear among those who want to make a fashion statement. 

Over the past century, these jackets have evolved into numerous styles and have become a part of popular culture and celebrity styles.

Famous football player and celebrity David Beckham was recently seen styling a military jacket and tan chino pants that complemented his chiseled physique while stepping out of the airport. Late last year, ‘Dracula Untold’ actor Luke Evans wore Diesel’s military jacket while stepping out in style for brunch in New York City. 

Military-style jackets are making a massive comeback this season. These jackets deliver a distinctive signature look that can easily grab attention and suits a plethora of occasions and settings. Irrespective of the situation, you can never go wrong with this look. 

Why you should buy it

In the current winter season, incorporating a military jacket in your wardrobe will introduce you to the best of both worlds in regard to functionality and style. 

Whether you are dressing professionally or for an occasion, there is a handful of military-inspired jackets out there that are perfect for this winter season. It is easy as a pie to pair these jackets with different colors and satisfy seasonal needs. There is no doubt that you can dress to impress with military jackets irrespective of your age and gender.    

Don’t go out of style

You can never go wrong with military jackets. These jackets are timeless pieces in fashion and style. 

Ever since, numerous celebrities and singers have been inspired to flaunt their style on and off stage. For example, the King of Pop Michael Jackson was known for his signature look in which he wore military jackets to perform his famous “Moonwalk” several times on stage. It became his trademark because these jackets were worn by royalty in Victorian times for entertainment. 

Easy to match

In addition to adding an oomph factor to your outfit, these jackets are also very easy to pair with various colors and designs. 

You can choose from the palette of vibrant colors like red or blue to make an eye-catching style statement, or you can go for plain tones like tan, shades of brown and moss green to pair these jackets with. 

It is not very strenuous to find a good match for these jackets. You can wear it in layers as well. Just throw it over a flannel button-down shirt without really buttoning down either of the layers. The flannel shirt should be on top of a plain tee shirt. 

Fits any outfit

The best thing about these military-inspired jackets is that they are extremely versatile and can be paired with any outfit. They are mostly utilitarian attire but are also very straightforward and masculine. 

You can shake up both casual and formal occasions looks with a military jacket. Wear your military jacket as a button-down shirt and pair it with some nice jeans or shorts for a simple yet zing look. Opt for this style when you want to look good and comfortable at the same time. 

The lead stylist of popular ‘Threads magazine’ suggests that it is pertinent to keep things simple to create a powerful look with military jackets. You can search for cotton khaki green jackets bereft of too many pockets. Don’t forget to wear it with simple clothes like a plain t-shirt or a pair of blue denim that allows the jacket to stand out. 

Some men don’t agree that green goes with blue, but navy blue and khaki green are classic combinations. Also, since military jackets have a utilitarian feel, they go best with simple and rugged clothes. For example, brown trousers, indigo jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and jumpers can be worn with a military jacket. 

Considerations for buying 

As there are so many options available at one’s fingertips, it can become overwhelming to pick the right jacket for you. We have curated a list of features that you need to focus on before taking the plunge to save you the trouble.

1. The jacket’s material is perhaps one of the most important details you must weigh upon while buying a military jacket. The material of your jacket is a sign of durability and quality. It can also influence the overall functionality and comfort level when wearing this attire. 

There are many material used for different military jackets according to various situations and occasions. However, the most common material used for standard everyday use military jackets is a blend of cotton and nylon. Other materials you might want to consider are khakis, cotton, knitted polyester, wool, and cotton twill. Back in the day, felt cotton was also a regular material.

2. To match with other types of attires, there are a handful of colors to choose from for military jackets. However, to closely simulate military-inspired jackets, most wear neutral and cool tones such as shades of brown, tan, khaki, and moss green. Altogether, these colors are referred to as palettes and camouflage hues. 

Many green military jacket outfits are there in the market for case in point. Nonetheless, you can still find military jackets with vibrant colors like red, blue, and burnt orange. 

3. A fine military jacket often includes outstanding features that make them a standard garment for those in service. For instance, they are water-resistant, fire-resistant, and wrinkle-free for convenience and maximum functionality. 

Even so, these features are less likely to materialize on military-inspired jackets that civilians can get in a local store or a mall. Hence some equally important features to count are size, fit, brand and wash and care instructions. 

A reputed brand that manufactures military jackets will carefully label all the instructions for taking care of your attire and mention the best one to cover all these features. 

Product recommendations

We have carefully designed a list of products that we would like to recommend to you to choose the best military jacket for your wardrobe. 

Levi’s Men’s Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

It’s a jacket from the most trusted brand Levis with a full-length zipper enclosure and button closure that can readily protect you from the wind and extreme temperature drops. 

It is made up of durable and comfortable material that is 100% heavyweight cotton. This makes it a classic, all-purpose jacket for men.  

Buy now.

TACVASEN Men’s Special Ops Military Tactical Soft Shell Jacket Coat

You can try this comfortable, windproof, breathable softshell men’s military jacket. It has an adjustable drawstring, multi pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a two-way zipper head. This jacket is available in sizes small to XXL. The outer material is made up of 100% polyester, and the inner part is made up of soft fleece. 

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Crysully Men’s Military Tactical Sport Warm Fleece Hooded Outdoor Adventure Jacket CoatsTJ2

Style tip: if you’re looking for a military jacket for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, cycling, and climbing, then you are going to love this one. 

This jacket is made up of 100% polyester and has several pockets. It resembles a military tactical design. There are seven pockets, two large pockets in front, two pockets in the back, one small pocket on the right sleeve, and two small pockets in the left sleeve. It has a zipper closure, and the zip is on the left side of the jacket. 

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ReFire Gear Men’s Army Special Ops Military Tactical Jacket Softshell Fleece Hooded Outdoor Coat

This men’s military tactical jacket is made up of 100% polyester softshell fabric that is waterproof and windproof. It helps you keep dry in snow and rain and acts as a windcheater. A fleece lining inside this jacket keeps you warm in winter. 

It’s a great choice for outdoor activities like camping, traveling, paintball, and casual wear. Also, along with every jacket comes a USA flag patch for free.

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Brandit Men’s M-65 Giant Jacket – Camel

This jacket made in the USA is perfect for everyday outdoor use. It gives a fashionable vintage feel as well. This jacket is made up of 100% cotton with a loop closure. The material is warm and highly breathable. This jacket has a warm removable inner lining with an elastic collar, bottom drawstring, and underarm vents. Also, there are two chest pockets, two hand pockets, and two front cargo pockets.

For an effortless, powerful, and classic look this season, add these pieces of military-inspired jackets to your closet as a way to make a mannish yet sophisticated fashion statement. 

It is multi-functional and very easy to maintain. You can wear this jacket over a t-shirt when it’s 20 degrees in fall and spring, and throw it over a jumper at around 10 to 15 degrees outside. You can choose from any of the varieties mentioned in this article to complete your look.  

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