Desk Mat: The Good, The Better, and The Best

Desk Mats are like the unglorified saviors of our workspace. Whether you are scribbling away something at your notepad, pounding your mouse on the table, aggressively hammering at your keypad, spilling some coffee unwillingly with a light elbow nudge, or just messing with your gadgets, your desk plays a crucial role as an anchor to all these potentially harmful activities. Therefore, you require a sturdy desk mat that can protect your valuable work desk from all the shocks it might receive during working hours. 

It has become very easy to find a desk mat that suits your needs in today’s market. For some people, a desk mat acts as a fantastic accessory to complete the look of their workspace, whereas some prefer a simple desk mat for protection and ease of use. 

If you are looking for more desk space to navigate your mouse, a desk mat can be a great replacement for a mouse pad. You can easily create ample amount of space between your mouse and keyboard, along with other items. 

Also, if you are thinking of a fun accessory to spice up your desk area, then a vibrant desk mat can come in handy. It will elevate the look and feel of your office effortlessly. 

There are varieties of them, but you should make a conscious decision while choosing the right one as it will assist you in maintaining the quality of your workspace and keep it organized. 

You can choose the top picks of desk mats that are carefully designed to improve your desk organization and cleanliness. Here are some of the options for the best desk mats that you can choose from and will meet your workspace organization requirements.

Eminta Dual Sided Desk Pad

It is a large, non-slip, multi-functional desk pad with 31.5″ x 15.7″ dimensions. It is spacious enough to make room for your keypad, mouse, and laptop. 

It is made up of a non-slip faux leather material that protects your wooden or glass desk from heat, spills, scratches, and stains, making it ideal for the office and home. 

This desk pad has an upgraded superior sewing design with anti fraying quality, making it much sturdier than a normal desk cushion. It also comes with one year warranty. So if you are unsatisfied with the quality, you can either exchange the pad with a new one or get an excellent gift for your loved ones or just yourself. 

It is a double-sided mat that offers you two colors and surface textures in one. The front side is of litchi grain texture, and the back side has lambskin texture. You can use the smooth litchi grain side or the elegant lamb skin side as you like. The soft side of the mat will help you enjoy typing, writing, and browsing. 

It is a multi-function desk pad with a large mouse pad area, so you don’t have to worry about investing in the mouse pad separately anymore. Overall this desk pad is perfect for anyone who spends major amount of their time working on their desktop or laptops to help reduce stress due to the glare. 

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Aothia Office Desk Pad

The all-new eco-friendly Aothia desk pad will effortlessly complement your workspace with its suede and premium cork base design for extra grip and great design. 

It is made up of a distinctive mixture of plant-based cork and very high-quality PU leather, giving you a sense of connection with nature. The cork used to make this desk pad is organic and is harvested by stripping down the bark of trees. Hence, no trees are harmed while manufacturing this desk mat. 

It has moisture absorption and perspiration eradication properties. It feels light, soft in its texture, but sturdy enough to protect your desk from daily abuse. It comes with a double-sided texture and is available in various colors. 

The back of this desk pad is made up of natural cork with a coniferous tone and forest atmosphere. The desk pad comes in three sizes, and the dimensions are small- 23.6 “x13.7″, medium- 31.5″ x15.7” and large- 36 “x17”, thickness is 2mm, and it is thick enough to protect your wooden or glass desktop from perils of daily use like stains, heat, and scratches. It can readily hold up space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and journal. 

It has multifunctional properties. It can be used for basic computer work to design works on your desk. The desk pad also provides wrist support when writing, typing, or just using your mouse while working for long hours at your desk. Moreover, it has water-proof and oil-proof material, so the pad is easy to clean. You can swipe a wet cloth over it. 

Out of the many great qualities of this desk pad, it also comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and superior customer service. So if you have any issues with your desk pad, it will be replaced immediately.   

Unlike other desk pads, this one is loosely packed in a large-sized tube keeping in mind that it rolls out flat on your desk as soon as you unpack it. It is an excellent choice for a gift to your boss or colleague. It will immensely decorate your workspace and make it look put together.

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Ysagi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

Welcome style and elegance all at once with this new Ysagi office desk pad. It has a streamlined look that will elevate the look and feel of your workspace. 

The desk pad is made up of durable and potent synthetic PU leather material, which is ideal for protecting the high traffic areas of your wooden or glass desk surface. 

There is no requirement for a mouse pad as the pad surface itself can be used as such. It is dual-sided with different colors and textures on each side. One side of the desk pad provides matchless control, and the other side offers a sleek finish which makes gliding on it feels like a breeze. 

It is water-proof and oil-proof. So it’s very easy to clean. You can use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. This desk pad is also made up of exquisite synthetic leather; hence it doesn’t have any unpleasant odor and adds class to your workspace. 

The desk pad comes in three different sizes, and the dimensions are small- 23.6″ x13.7″, medium- 31.5″ x15.7″, large- 35.4″ x17″, which is large enough to assimilate your mouse, keyboard, and laptop. 

It has a one-year warranty card. It also has a cute band attached to the pad, making it easier to carry it in. This computer desk pad will make an ideal gift for both your employer and your loved ones. With the new Ysagi multifunctional office desk pad, you can bid goodbye to your workspace optimization worries right away. 

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Whether you work in an office or work from home, a desk mat will always bring comfort and add a personality to your workspace. During the pandemic, many people started working from home and weren’t sure how to transform their work area into a more professional setting. These desk mats acted as a savior at that moment for most of them. The most satisfied customers echo the quality and promise of a brand. So without further pondering over the thought that if you should get a desk mat or not, you should dive right away into this wonderful experience.