Top 6 Durable Cable Holder

Cable holders are quite popular today for office space organization given the number of wired components (monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, printer, UPS, intercom, etc.) present on a single workspace. Nobody likes looking at spaghetti if it is not of the edible kind, so of course, a tangled mess of cables on one’s desk is an unsightly presence to deal with constantly. This is where cable management, in general, comes in handy, with holders for cables being utilized for a streamlined, mess-free appearance.

A cable holder is a simple tool available in various types of designs, depending on whether it is needed individually or even in an office setting with several computer units. There are holders of different sizes ranging from those for a few small USB cables to those meant for an entire rack of server cables. Simply put, everyone who uses a handful of devices daily needs a cable holder to manage all the cords that come with said devices. In today’s highly digital era, when one needs charging cables for their phone, laptop, portable speaker, e-book device, headphones, etc., daily, this nifty tool is a must-have.

Benefits of using the cable holder

Cable holders come with way more benefits than providing a clutter-free appearance. They should not be dismissed as a piece of décor, existing to make a workspace look pleasing to the eyes. Even if a person is of the type that thrives in a chaotic, messy environment where they at least know where each thing is, cable holders have tons of benefits to offer to them.

Looking beyond the superficial element, having an organized cable management system ensures that each device has an increased uptime due to a lack of confusion about wired connectivity. Not having to untangle wires every day in aggressive frustration also means increased prevention of cable damage, which further leads to fewer maintenance costs in the long run.

The use of cable holders also provides more accessibility. It saves time by keeping relevant wires within reach instead of constantly reaching behind or underneath the desk to check for any issues whenever something is not working.

Another reason cable holders are helpful in that it keeps wires away from places that can cause accidents. For example, accidental tripping over wires or unintentionally unplugging the computer and losing work if someone wanted to stretch their legs after long hours of sitting at the desk (this is embarrassingly common at this point to be overlooked by now) can unfortunately happen.

The necessity of cable holders does not stop here. One should know how to differentiate between power cables and data cables to keep them away from each other. That is because active power cables can create electromagnetic interference (EMI) around them. EMI around data cables can cause interference in data transmission, and the frequent occurrence of these issues will ultimately lower work efficiency and productivity.

Another type of cable to watch out for is fiber optic cables due to their delicate nature, so they need to be kept separate and protected.

Lastly, a spaghetti mess of cables can cause restrictions in airflow, leading to cables and even devices getting heated up and incurring damage. Hence, cable holders are more than a pretty face. They mean serious business.

Products to buy

Here are some curated cable holders to maintain an efficient and mess-free office space

Lamicall Adjustable Hole Cord Clips

This cable holder by Lamicall has a unique adjustable spring clip design, which makes it able to hold wires of varying thicknesses ranging from 2.5 to 8 mm.

This design also enables users to put their cables through it with one hand. Despite the spring mechanism, the grip on this holder is gentle on the cables to not cause damage while still being strong enough not to let the cables slip out. This holder can be attached to most clean surfaces by its strong rubber adhesive base.

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Soulwit Cable Holder Clips

This pack of three adhesive cable holders also comes with cleaning wipes to make installation more convenient. Made of non-toxic silicone, it will insulate any electricity and prevent cable damage due to its flexibility. The slots in this holder can accommodate cables of thickness up to 6mm.

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PZOZ Cable Clips

This is a pack of three holders which are made of ABS polymer, which is hard and durable. This type of cable holder has a hinge mechanism; upon opening the top, it features 11 slots that can hold cables of up to 5mm in diameter. It is easy to use and can be adhered to on smooth, clean surfaces.

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Shintop Cable Clips

These singular adhesive rubber cable holders are ideal for those stray lengths of cables that are peeping out of awkward spaces, waiting to trip anyone who passes by. This pack of six holders is suitable for cables as thick as 7.5mm.

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Wiibrook Cable Clips

These cable holders by WIIBROOK are similar to those old cable clips with nails used extensively in the dial-up internet days, except they do not need to be hammered into walls or other surfaces. This pack of 50 self-adhesive cable clips is made of a strong and durable material called PA66, and they can each hold a cable up to 6 mm in diameter.

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Anker Cable Management

Last but not least, another good choice of the holder is this magnetic one by Anker, which features an adhesive pad that can be washed and reused about ten additional times. It is an excellent pick for Lightning and MagSafe cables, as the built-in magnet on this holder can keep these fixed on it by itself. In addition, five magnetic clips can hold 3.5 mm cables each. This particular product comes in a pack of 2.

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Not only do cable holders provide neat and organized office space, but they also prevent cable damage, decrease chances of accidents, and overall bring an increase in work efficiency.

If going completely wireless is not an option, cable holders are an excellent and affordable alternative to a seamlessly functional office. Employees who are WFH but do not have permission from landlords to fix holders on their walls with nails can opt for a self-adhesive type. In short, there is absolutely no reason one should overlook this handy little device!